Convert Word To Markdown

Avoid having to learn Markdown’s arcane syntax - Creating content should be your primary focus. Markdown authors should not be worrying about all the tricky commands that allow you to format code, or link to an external image, author tables, highlight words, or simply bold, italisize your work. Let our converter tools make the translation from Microsoft Word to Markdown with the simple button click.

Create Markdown Quickly! - The Markdown Toolkit for Word has been built to optimize your experience creating Markdown content using the most powerful word processor in the world.

The Power of Word - Take advantage of Words powerful features that have evolved over decades to help you enter, store, format, edit your important content.

Edit Large Documents - Word makes it very easy to organize a complex document and convert it to markdown. Clearly, if your business is to create content and then in one click convert it to markdown, then you want to be using a powerful word processor like Microsoft Word.

Spelling and Grammar - that includes spelling and grammar checkers, ability to handle graphics, tables, outlines. Microsoft Word can even read your content outloud back to you.

Main Conversion Screen


The Home Screen - 3 Core Buttons

Button #1: New Word Document - The home screen for the application is where you get started. The "New Word Document" button is used to create a starter Word document, which contains prebuilt macros to expedite the authoring process. It includes macros that can create different levels of headings, format source code and bullet points, and to paste unformatted text into the document - to name a few.

Button #2: Convert Word to Markdown/HTML - The second button, "Convert Word to Markdown/HTML" provides the main functionality of the application that will convert your Microsoft Word content into properly formatted markdown. As a side benefit the application also generates the equivalent HTML..

Button #3: Conversions - The third button, "Conversions," brings you to the screen where you can view and export all your previous conversions.

The Starter Word Document


Built-in Capabilities

Task Pane under development - The taskbar is currently under development but macros were there. For example, if you do Control-1, you will get a heading size of one. Similarly, if you do Control-2 you will get a Heading 2. Notice that the same results can be achieved by leveraging the styles in the word ribbon above. In other words, there are at least two other ways to set to heading one. The first way is to simply use the keyboard shortcut of Control-1 and the second way is to leverage the Styles section of the Ribbon, clicking on Heading 1.

Keyboard shortcuts accelerate productivity - A set of keyboard shortcuts come built into the template that is built into the application for you to use. These keyboard shortcuts allow you to accelerate the speed by which you format your document, whether you are creating different levels of headings, inserting code, or formatting complex bullet lists.

How to Convert to Markdown


Selecting the Word Document to convert

Click "Convert Word to Markdown/HTML - the dialog box will appear where you will be prompted to select Microsoft Word document that you wish to convert to Markdown (and HTML)

For Best Results - Use the Pre-Built Microsoft Word Template

Viewing and Exporting Previous Conversions


Export Your Markdown, HTML, Word, and Images

View your previous conversions to Markdown - View and Export the Markdown, HTML, and Word Documents of all your previous conversions

Easy to use interface - Maintain a history of previous conversions. Easily browser prior conversions and view the content in all the formats (.md, .html, .docx)

Conclusion: Use Word to create better Markdown


Core Markdown Features Supported
Capability Support
Bullet Lists Any level of depth
Numbered Lists Any level of depth
Code Source code support (use single cell table formatted to Consolas font)
Header Support Up to Level 6 Indent
Hyperlink Fully supported
Image Support Automatic export as separate images
Bold, Italic, Strikethrough Fully supported
Table Format Fully supported
Special Characters Asterisks, brackets, parenthesis, backslash, and more